Ashland University

au-eagleFor more than 130 years, Ashland University has been home to individuals striving for academic, professional, and spiritual growth. Focused on rigorous academic pursuits, students of Ashland develop critical thinking, leadership, and professional skills. Rooted in faith and tradition with an unwavering commitment toward “Accent on the Individual,” Ashland University offers students an environment that promotes values and respect toward each person and their spirituality. The one-on-one relationships with faculty and students, challenging programs, and collective sense of community are a few of the reasons students cite for coming to, and staying at, Ashland University.

From nationally recognized scholars programs and innovative learning labs, to exceptional athletic programs, places of worship, and award-winning dining facilities, Ashland University is designed to nurture all aspects of student development. A nationally-ranked university with global impact, Ashland University has students calling Ashland “home” decades after graduation. The highly personal Ashland experience instills in students the discipline, confidence, and values to not just succeed in the world, but to impact it in the most positive ways possible.

Ashland University was founded in 1878 by the Brethren Church to offer courses in the arts and sciences and in the professions. The spirit of the founders was summed up in the 1884-85 catalog which said that the courses “would develop students intellectually, but not at the expense of the heart; that rich and poor meet on the grounds of equality; that worth, not dress, is valued and respected; that economy, not extravagance, is fostered; and that a desire for usefulness, not show is promoted.” This commitment to a useful and satisfying education has continued from that time.

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About the Ashbrook Academy in American History

Ashbrook for…

The Ashbrook Academy in American History is a summer program designed for rising high school juniors and seniors who share a deep interest in American history and politics. Unlike other courses or programs that tend to erode young Americans’ proper pride in their country by emphasizing its historical failures, the Academy invites students to consider the American experiment as a historical triumph, a victory for reason and the human spirit that warrants grateful celebration but also demands serious study. We welcome your participation.

The Academy meets for seven days (June 14-20, 2020) immersing participants in a deep study of the biggest challenges that have faced our Republic. We hold two separate academies simultaneously – one that surveys the most important questions that have faced our nation from its founding to the civil rights era and a second that provides a more focused study on the Civil War era for more advanced students. This summer’s academies will be held using an online format as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Ashbrook Academy takes history out of textbooks and into your life. By the end of the program, students will have acquired a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that define and unite us as Americans.